Friday, January 28, 2011

Making Miniature Cushions

This is a fun and easy project to try out. Don't worry, the patterns are easy to follow. For any chair, bed or couch in your dollhouse there must be a cushion. This is the simplest method of making one.

2 small squares of needlepoint canvas
Various colours of embroidery cotton
A needle
Sewing scissors
Plain sewing cotton matching the colour of the canvas
Cushion stuffing


Foxgloves                                                                                                              Finished product

Rambling Rose                                                                            Finished Product     

Both of these patterns show you how many squares across your material should be and what colours to use. On one of your squares stitch your chosen pattern. To stitch one square simply put your needle through a hole in the fabric then, on a diagonal, put it through a hole on the other side of that square. The result is either / or \. Then go back and do the same thing only in the opposite direction. The result is X. That is one stitch. Follow the colour chart and pattern to find out how many stitches to do and in what colour and in what place on the fabric.

Once you have completed the pattern it's time to sew the cushion. Turn the pattern over so the back side if facing you then place the other square of material over the front your design. Carefully stitch around the edges of the squares, sewing them together. Remember to only sew 3 edges. Leave the bottom edge open.

Turn the cushion inside out so the pattern is on the outside. Fill the cushion with the stuffing but be careful not to over fill it! You should be able to close the edge at the bottom. Tuck the bottom edges of the material inside to cushion then carefully sew the edge up. Use as small stitches as possible for this part. The cushion is now finished. If you want you could add a trim or tassels in the corners, it's up to you :)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latest products for 2011

These are the latest Sylvanian Families products available in the UK at the moment. They will be available in NZ later in the year.


The Celebration Macavity Cat Family. This set includes seven figures for added value.

The Beaufort Polar Bear Family.
A set of twins is also available.

The Redwood Red Panda Family.

The Darwin Monkey Family.
A set of twins is also available.

The McBurrows Mole Family.Two baby's are also available.

The Buckley Deer Family.
A set of twins and another
baby are also available.


Berry Grove School. This is the third school in Sylvania.

The School Music Lesson and Teacher set and the School Play set go with the School.

The School Dinner Lady and
Lollie pop man and The School
Nurse and Accessories sets.


The Cottage Hospital is a variation of the General Hospital.
The Paramedic and Patient set is
also available.

The Ambulance and the Nurse
 and Hospital bed sets.

 To look at a complete 2011 catalogue go to

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Insperation from Northern Miniatures

These guys sure know their stuff when it comes to tiny treats! Just by watching these videos you will find yourself inspired to make your own mini delights! Anything is possible and now all the greatest an easiest ideas are in one place!

The food that they make is incredible but it looks so difficult. That's what I thought to but......if you've got the know how it so easy! You can make almost anything and in what ever quantity and size you wish.

The materials you need can be found in almost any craft store. Polymer clays (either air dry or oven bake) are not hard to find. I use Dukit and Fimo and some times Primo. Most of these can be found at Warehouse stationary etc. but if you can't find them the best place is online. Try for all your polymer clay needs. They sell everything you need to get started. With each tutorial I will post all the equipment needed so you know what to buy.

Miniature Food Insperation

Sylvanian Families come with some basic food but its so much more fun to make food of your own! Watch this video to get insperation about what kind of miniature food you want to make for your sylvanians. I will post some tutorials later. The mini food art in this video looks amazing but don't worry, there not as hard to make as you might think! Sylvanian Families are in 3/4 inch scale and almost all of the tutorials are in 1/12 inch scale but not to worry. There is only a small difference and in most cases it doesn't matter!

My First Post

Welcome to my blog. My name is Shannon and I have been collecting Sylvanian Families for over 10 years now. I will update this blog with creative ideas and things to make for your Sylvanians with photos and videos. All over the web there are web sites and blogs about sylvanian families but this one will help you improve your collection and take that extra step! Hope you enjoy it :)