Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latest products for 2011

These are the latest Sylvanian Families products available in the UK at the moment. They will be available in NZ later in the year.


The Celebration Macavity Cat Family. This set includes seven figures for added value.

The Beaufort Polar Bear Family.
A set of twins is also available.

The Redwood Red Panda Family.

The Darwin Monkey Family.
A set of twins is also available.

The McBurrows Mole Family.Two baby's are also available.

The Buckley Deer Family.
A set of twins and another
baby are also available.


Berry Grove School. This is the third school in Sylvania.

The School Music Lesson and Teacher set and the School Play set go with the School.

The School Dinner Lady and
Lollie pop man and The School
Nurse and Accessories sets.


The Cottage Hospital is a variation of the General Hospital.
The Paramedic and Patient set is
also available.

The Ambulance and the Nurse
 and Hospital bed sets.

 To look at a complete 2011 catalogue go to

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