Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Insperation from Northern Miniatures

These guys sure know their stuff when it comes to tiny treats! Just by watching these videos you will find yourself inspired to make your own mini delights! Anything is possible and now all the greatest an easiest ideas are in one place!

The food that they make is incredible but it looks so difficult. That's what I thought to but......if you've got the know how it so easy! You can make almost anything and in what ever quantity and size you wish.

The materials you need can be found in almost any craft store. Polymer clays (either air dry or oven bake) are not hard to find. I use Dukit and Fimo and some times Primo. Most of these can be found at Warehouse stationary etc. but if you can't find them the best place is online. Try for all your polymer clay needs. They sell everything you need to get started. With each tutorial I will post all the equipment needed so you know what to buy.

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